12m Cockwells Alte Volare Hydrofoil Tender Is An Electric Limousine Boat

The quiet and comfortable Cockwells Alte Volare hydrofoil tender is like no other

A brand new and unique tender concept has been revealed in the Cockwells Alte Volare hydrofoil tender. Stealing the show at this year’s Monaco Yacht Show, the new superyacht tender is a welcomed addition by the acclaimed British boatmaker, Cockwell.

Design Director Henry Ward has stated the Cockwells Alte Volare hydrofoil tender utilizes “a fully electric drivetrain and retractable foiling technology” that provides a smooth ride. The boat also requires “80% less energy than a non-foiling hull at fast-cruising speed.”

The Alte Volare stands out from its competitors due to its design, which combines the comfort of a limousine with the visibility of an open tender. The elegant, airy saloon, which has seating for up to eight people facing inward, is located behind the center cockpit. At the rear of the boat, you can find twin reclined seats that offer a fantastic view through a full aft.

Alte Volare hydrofoil tender

“With striking styling and an ingenious layout that befits such a cutting-edge craft, this is a tender like no other,” Ward continued. “Whether you require an electric limousine, a high-performance sports boat, a modular utility craft, a semi-custom crew RIB or a chase vessel, our tenders are the ultimate piece of kit for busy owners and crew.”

The British boatmaker conducted a study on the Cockwells Alte Volare hydrofoil tender as part of an effort to improve the shipyard’s technological capabilities. On its forward foil, it has a single electric motor. On the aft foil, it has control surfaces.

“We’ve fused advanced techniques and modern materials with intelligent design and exquisite craftsmanship to create a unique tender,” said Cockwells owner and managing director, Dave Cockwell.

Cockwells Alte Volare hydrofoil tender

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