A quick look at Nikola Two electric semi-truck

Nikola Motor Company specializes in building electric and hydrongen semi-trucks as well as powersports vehicles such as buggies and PWC. Their mission is to “Transform the transportation industry while improving our employees’ lives and leaving the world a better place.” With core values such as Drive Forward, Move Fast, Work Outward, Act As Owners, they are definitely making some waves in the automotive industry, specifically in the all-electric scene!

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In the YouTube video below, the Nikola Motor Company is proud to present their all-new Nikola Two all-electric semi-truck built with the most advanced technology on the market. The semi-truck is 100 percent zero emissions with hydrogen power that enables a more sustainable solution; a game change for the future.

Nikola Two

The Nikola Two features up to 2,000 ft-lbs of torque, an estimated range of 500-750 miles and a 15-20 minute refill time. That’s sure to get the folks in the freight and transportation industry giggling! To learn more about the Nikola Two go to nikolamotor.com and be sure to follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

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