A quick look at the 1st Audi E-Bike

Since the purchase of Ducati for 1.2 billion dollars, Audi has ventured into the electronic bike market. This purchase may very well place Audi with Ducati’s dealership network, making it an instant success with the international distribution channel for high-end electric bikes. The Audi e-bike costs roughly $20,000 US dollars. Audi’s concept e-bike is a modernist design with deluxe engineering 

The top speed of this electric bicycle maxes out at 50 miles per hour, with a 3 horsepower motor. While the charge is not set to last very long, the battery pack is small enough to fit comfortably in a back pack and can be recharged to 100% within two and a half hours. 

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Unlike many other electronic bikes that has the motor along the back where, the Audi electric bike hosts it’s motor in the center of the bike. The bike hooks up to an Apple app control system where  you can access an app that will lock it up, do controlled wheelies, and more.

Audi E-Bike

audi e-bike front
Audi / E-Bike

The Audi electric bicycle has an ultra-light carbon fiber frame. Custom built carbon fiber wheels with custom designed front suspension hold this electric bike in top of its class.  With the lithium ion battery and electric motor, the bike weighs in at 46 lbs total. The audi e-bike hosts a 2.2 kilowatt motor produced by Clean Mobile. The Audi e-bike also hosts the “Harmonic Drive System” designed by Clean Mobile.

Clean Mobile is a European based company that produces high efficiency electronic drive solutions. The company has been around since 1994 and produces products for e-bikes, industrial automation, and more. Clean Mobile also produced the Blacktrail bike, which has similar features to the Audi, and goes for around $80,000.

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