Alauda Aeronautics Airspeeder MK4 eVTOL Can Reach A Top Speed of 225 MPH

Holy cow, the Alauda Aeronautics Airspeeder MK4 eVTOL is blazingly fast

Just look at this bad boy — in development for the Airspeeder racing series, the Alauda Aeronautics Airspeeder MK4 eVTOL is exclusively designed for crewed racing flights. According to Alauda, the one-person electric racing vehicle can reach a max speed of 225 mph and an estimated range of 180 miles.

The Airspeeder league currently exists as a division of Alauda Aeronautics, an Australian electric aviation company with headquarters and testing facilities in Adelaide. The “Airspeeders” are the league’s eVTOL racing aircrafts and are designed and engineered by Alauda.

Excluding its pilot, the weight of the Alauda Aeronautics Airspeeder MK4 eVTOL will weigh roughly 2,095 pounds. According to the company, it can accelerate to 225 mph in under 30 seconds. Alauda also claims that the turbine’s 1,340 hp (1,000 kW) power output enables the use of green hydrogen as a viable fuel.

Utilizing a gimbaled thrust system, this eVTOL doesn’t use tilt-rotors to steer. Four rotor pairs mounted on 3D printed gimbals are adjusted by the built-in AI flight controller. A standard rotorcraft wouldn’t be able to steer with the same level of precision as this design.

‘It’s also non-toxic and produces no emissions except pure water, so it doesn’t cause air pollution,” states Alauda. “Further to this, because hydrogen gas is lighter than air, it will simply rise and disperse into the atmosphere in the event of a leak, reducing the risk of fire or explosion.”

With the intention to raise the standard for performance and technology in the revolutionary new sport of piloted Airspeeder racing, the Alauda Aeronautics Airspeeder MK4 eVTOL opens even more doors for the league’s teams to join in on the innovative motorsport.

Airspeeder MK4 eVTOL
Alauda Aeronautics

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