Check Out The Self-Docking Alloy Boats Electric Power Catamaran

The Alloy Boats electric power catamaran is the company’s first model

The brand new Alloy Boats electric power catamaran was just debuted by Brandon Cotter and Powell Kinney, two co-founders of the Dallas-based marine tech startup. Calling it “the perfect co-captain”, Alloy Boats intends to use their autonomous system to allow boating to be worry-free.

The autonomous system of the Alloy Boats electric power catamaran serves as a second pair of eyes for the captain. According to the company, expert yachtsmen will feel like they have an extra pair of “expert hands”, while novices will feel a little more at ease on the ocean. There’s the option of steering by using the joystick or by a companion app with map touch controls. Additionally, the boat will receive consistent over-the-air software updates that will bring new features on a regular basis.

There’s better situational awareness due to the vessel’s three-pronged sensor system, which integrates radar, lidar, and computer vision. The sensors will detect anything and everything near to the hull and out in the distance. The vessel also incorporates cutting-edge autonomous technologies including automatic docking and undocking, go-to-point navigation, and much more.

Alloy Boats Electric Power Catamaran
Alloy Boats

Powered by two 300 hp electric motors and two waterjets, the cat can hit a max speed of 35 knots and has a battery that can last all day. There are two chairs in the front and six benches at the rear, and by pressing a button when the ship is static, platforms can expand both forward and aft to make more room for the passengers.

Pre-orders for the Alloy Boats electric power catamaran will open starting in 2023 at a price of $350,000, with production units scheduled to launch in 2024.

Alloy Boats Electric
Alloy Boats

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