Arcimoto Mean Lean Machine E-Trike Set To Launch Q4 2022

Arcimoto Mean Lean Machine e-trike is able to recharge itself

Oregon-based light electric vehicle manufacturer Arcimoto has revealed a one-of-a-kind high-performance e-trike named the Arcimoto Mean Lean Machine e-trike (MLM). It incorporates the company’s proprietary tilt technology and suspension design that enables the e-trike to lean similar to a standard bicycle for a smooth ride with more stability.

The fully electric Arcimoto Mean Lean Machine e-trike is built with hub motors on all three of its corners and includes a pedal generator, making the requirement of a throttle obsolete. By utilizing the pedal, the software of the e-trike will control the internal hub motors. Doing so will also recharge its battery, allowing for the MLM’s claimed range of over 200 miles when combined with an auxiliary battery. No need for a wall outlet!

Mark Frohnmayer, the CEO and founder of Arcimoto, came up with the innovative design of the Arcimoto Mean Lean Machine e-trike. Over the last decade, Frohnmayer has been collaborating with Bob Mighell, the founder and CEO of Tilting Motor Works, in development of tilting e-trikes. “A three-wheeler needs to lean,” said Frohnmayer. “Every three-wheeled vehicle architecture I saw was either overly complex, expensive or had strange corner cases that made it unstable.”

In 2019, Arcimoto purchased Tilting Motor Works and presented an unique tilting technology that provides the basis for the Mean Lean Machine. On practically any terrain, the MLM enables riders to lean their bodies naturally while also improving their safety and stability. Via the demo video above, the Arcimoto Mean Lean Machine e-trike easily shifts between positions, exactly like a regular bicycle.

According to Arcimoto, the MLM can also fit up to two passengers. Set to release in the fourth quarter of 2022, reservations are now available on the Arcimoto website.

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