ASKA AS5 Electric Flying Car Showcased At CES 2023

The street legal ASKA AS5 electric flying car is now available for pre-order

During CES last week, California-based ASKA debuted their ASKA AS5 electric flying car as the first four-seater EV in the world that can fly 250 miles in the air as well as travel on the road. The company also announced the ASKA On-Demand ride service, which will operate in major cities and is scheduled to debut in 2026.

“Our unveil at CES represents something that has never been accomplished in the world, but which humans have dreamed of for decades: a fully functional, full-scale prototype of a Drive & Fly electric Vertical Takeoff and Landing, a real flying car,” said CEO of ASKA, Guy Kaplinsky.

The ASKA AS5 electric flying car only requires a helipad or vertiport to accomplish a vertical takeoff or landing. It can easily fit in parking spaces and is enabled for EV charging both at home and at charging stations. The range extender engine uses premium gasoline that can be purchased at gas stations.

ASKA AS5 electric

When in drive mode, ASKA’s in-wheel motor technology enables all four wheels of the AS5 to be mounted externally to the fuselage for greater aerodynamics, all-wheel drive traction, and increased cabin space to accommodate four passengers.

In flying mode, the ASKA AS5 electric flying car’s six rotor wings spread out and enables the eVTOL to either take off vertically or perform runway takeoffs. Each tilt rotor is used for vehicle control, while the big wing is tailored for gliding, soft landings, and economical energy usage.

“Aska is positioned as a new generation vehicle that combines the convenience of an automobile with the ease and efficiency of VTOL and STOL flight,” Kaplinsky continued. “Aska is a vehicle that addresses not only consumers, there is also significant business potential in emergency response use, military use, as well as on-demand ride-sharing mobility services.”

ASKA is also creating a reasonably priced on-demand ride-sharing service that makes use of their eVTOL vehicles. Certified pilots will pick up customers at their homes and fly them to their destinations. The business has already started offering free early bird registration for ASKA On-Demand.

AS5 electric flying car

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