Desert Rally Car Inspired Audi Electric Mountain Bike Revealed

Taking design cues from the RS Q e-tron, the Audi electric mountain bike is a high-spec beast

The initial impression of the Audi electric mountain bike is its precise and powerful design that catches people’s attention, much like the RS Q e-tron. Its carbon fiber frame adds to its sleek and simple look, however, the electric bike’s performance sets it apart from other models, going beyond its external appearance.

The German marque has collaborated with Italian company Fantic Motor to develop the Audi electric mountain bike. The bike is lightweight yet strong due to its ultralight carbon fiber frame, and can easily navigate through uneven terrain with its 48V lithium-ion battery and CFRP wheels.

Depending on pedal usage and assistance, riders have a variety of options to ride as there are four levels of pedal assistance. In “Pure” mode, the rider’s legs will be the only source of power, similar to a fixed gear bike. In “Pedelec” mode, the electric assistance can allow the user gain speeds of up to 43 mph.

Audi electric mountain bike

The “eGrip” mode can reach a top speed of 37 mph, and engages the motor without the need for pedaling through an accelerator. Last but not least, the”Wheelie” mode is activated when the front wheel is airborne, and features two sub-modes which include the “Power Wheelie” and “Balanced” Wheelie.

The Brose S-MAG motor generates slightly over 66 ft lbs of torque and offers four pedal assist levels to riders. The Fantic Integra battery pack on the bike has a capacity of 720 Wh, but its range has not yet been confirmed. The handlebars feature a digital display that shows the speed and battery level. The bike also includes an SRAM GX Eagle 12-speed mechanical drivetrain for riders who prefer a challenge.

At $10,000, the Audi electric mountain bike will cost a pretty penny, but far less than the RS Q e-tron, obviously. Although Audi hasn’t disclosed any details about the production run, more details of the bike are provided on the Audi Authentic Accessories site.

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