AutoFlight Prosperity 1 eVTOL Sets A New Record

The AutoFlight Prosperity 1 eVTOL is expected to be EASA certified by 2025

Earlier this week, AutoFlight released record breaking footage of their AutoFlight Prosperity 1 eVTOL traveling over 155 miles on a single charge, 155.74 to be exact. Yes, you read that correctly, only one single charge! The achievement surpassed Joby Aviation’s record of 154.1 miles, and both records are at the top of the list for longest fully electric aircraft flights with vertical take off and landing.

The AutoFlight Prosperity 1 eVTOL took its trip at the company’s German testing facility while being remotely piloted and running 20 laps. Omar Bar-Yohay, president of AutoFlight, discussed the newest accomplishment of the Gen4 air taxi developer:

This flight is both a great celebratory milestone, and a testament to the team’s incredible effort and progress in testing and incrementally pushing the aircraft’s performance envelope. It’s a remarkable achievement that shows our aircraft’s capability, and we are excited to continue working towards our next goals all the way to EASA certification in 2025.

According to AutoFlight, the Gen4 air taxi is on track to reach the company’s goal of getting European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) certification in 2025, although Bar-Yohay states that “there are a lot of moving parts”. It’s possible that the date will be pushed back a year or so.

Future test flights of the AutoFlight Prosperity 1 eVTOL are expected to be manned. Bar-Yohay continues:

“This record helps us push back on the skeptics who said it can’t be done. Now, our strategic objective is to mature the project to a conforming prototype, a final configuration that will let us go to market.”

AutoFlight Prosperity 1 eVTOL
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