BeBot, new 100% electric beach cleaning robot, cleans Florida beaches

BeBot, new beach cleaning robot, cleans up Florida beaches

BeBot is an eco-friendly remote-controlled robot developed by Poralu Marine, one of the world’s largest marina manufacturers. Recently partnered with 4ocean, a marine cleanup company, they have worked together to produce their first unit in beach and ocean cleanup technology.

Bebot has now launched on the beaches near 4ocean’s South Florida headquarters where it will be in testing for the next few weeks. The beach cleaning robot is packed with two 12-volt batteries while assisted by a solar panel to help keep the batteries charged as well as power accessories. This means no harmful gas or liquid emissions, diesel fumes, or pollution!

Battery life expectancy is up to 3 hours depending on the surface levels traveled and the temperature outside that it is operated in. The way BeBot works is that it utilizes a detachable sand sifting mechanism that plows through the sand. Then it puts the sand onto a mesh screen that vibrates back and forth, allowing sand to fall through while collecting any leftover plastic and debris.

One downside of the robot is that it can’t distinguish the difference between the materials collected, so it is going to take some handwork to sort and take recyclable plastics out. With that said, BeBot is a highly versatile beach cleaning robot that has a hitch on the back designed with a towing capacity of up to 900 pounds.

It is also lightweight compared to other machines used to clean the beach, for example a large diesel tractor. The remote-controlled all-electric beach cleaning robot weighs in at just 925 pounds, weighing at just a fraction of its competitors.

4ocean states the BeBot program is on pace to remove 30 million pounds of trash by the end of the year. In the near future, 4ocean also plans to deploy an additional BeBot to Hawaii, specifically the island of Oahu, where it will be supporting local partners and existing cleanup initiatives.

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