Bellwether Volar eVTOL Tested In First Flight

Bellwether releases footage of Bellwether Volar eVTOL testing

Bellwether Industries, a London-based aerospace start-up company, has published first flight footage of their Bellwether Volar eVTOL test. This is the first publicly available footage of the Bellwether Volar eVTOL test by the company after multiple prototype tests that were conducted in the past.

The Volar eVTOL features an aerodynamic design that looks more like a slick supercar than other eVTOLs currently in the works. Bellwether describes the Volar as “a new category of flying vehicle” with its prototype being named “Antelope”. They further stated that the ultimate version of the aircraft will be capable of hitting speeds of 135 mph at a maximum of 3000 feet in altitude.

Clips from the Bellwether Volar eVTOL test gives us a close look of how the aircraft will fly. The Antelope prototype is currently a half-scale variant of the Volar that seats only one person and is operated from the ground. During testing, the Antelope prototype was able to reach a height of 13 feet while traveling at a top speed of 25 mph. In comparison, the Volar will have a range of 60-90 minutes while seating 4-5 passengers.

‘‘We believe that people commuting in the sky is inevitable within the next 10 years,’ stated Bellwether representatives following the Bellwether Volar eVTOL test. “Therefore, we created Volar for anyone to fly anytime and anywhere to any point. The ultimate goal of Bellwether Industries is to build a new three-dimensional lifestyle, and to lead the world toward comprehensive urban mobility.’

Further specification and information of the Volar have yet to be revealed, although Bellwether has announced it will have a maximum takeoff weight of 1320 lbs (600 kg), in addition to the previously stated capabilities. We should expect the pricing to be around the same as a luxury jet.

With the intention for private ownership and the goal of helping urban transportation, Bellwether is one of the most recent companies to unveil its solution to current needs in urban transportation. The Volar eVTOL could be a prominent personal aircraft within the next decade thanks to its design and projected capabilities and eye-catching design.

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