Vibe Out With The BMW Motorrad CE 04 Vagabund Moto Concept

The two-wheeled CE 04 Vagabund Moto Concept even has a matching surfboard

Based on BMW’s CE 4 electric scooter, automotive design studio Vagabund has teamed up with BMW Motorrad to develop the CE 04 Vagabund Moto Concept. This new stylish electric scooter is designed to appeal to riders who want a sporty look by fusing a contemporary design, useful components, and upbeat color combinations.

According to founder and managing director of Vagabund Moto, Paul Brauchart, the goal of the design was to prioritize functionality while keeping aesthetics in mind. The overall design creates a balance between “functionality and aesthetics” to accommodate a wide range of day-to-day uses. Both BMW Motorrad and Vagabund have agreed on the scooter’s color scheme, which features neutral beige and dark green tones in conjunction with the modern black and white.

The CE 04 Vagabund Moto Concept comes with plenty of storage space, and there’s even a dedicated surfboard that comes with an integrated rack. For kicks, on the front wheel hub and the glass of the auxiliary lights lies a smiley face. When the surfboard is loaded onto the vehicle, it seamlessly blends in with the scooter, and as BMW would state, it is a “metaphor for a sustainable urban lifestyle.”

CE 04 Vagabund Moto
BMW Motorrad

Surely enough, a major advantage of the CE 04 Vagabund Moto Concept is its sustainability. The 42 HP, 8.9 kWh battery pack is connected to the electric motor. The scooter has a 2.6-second 0 to 31 mph acceleration time and a max speed of 75 mph. BMW estimates that riders will get about 80 miles of range with each charge. The battery is also able to charge from 0% to 80% in only 65 minutes.

Sadly, the CE 04 Vagabund is only a concept and will not go into production. That said, the standard 2023 BMW CE 04 is in production and starts at a price of $11,795.

Vagabund Moto Concept
BMW Motorrad
CE 04 Vagabund
BMW Motorrad

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