CabraTec EasyGoat electric hydrofoil surfboard

E-Surfers rejoice! There’s a more affordable alternative to Liftfoils and Fliteboard. The CEO of CabraTec notes that “If Liftfoils and Fliteboard would offer an E-Foil under $5,500, than there would be no need for the EasyGoat.”

CabraTec EasyGoat electric hydrofoil is an affordable and easily transportable electric hydrofoil (e-foil) option costing less than half that of the leading brands in the current market. Produced in the Czech Republic, the lithium ion battery has a run time of 50 minutes when fully charged. 

The CabraTec Electric hydrofoil is made with a carbon waterproof inner board and an 31 inch aircraft aluminum mast. This board clocks a maximum speed of 22 mph, foiling from 10 mph. 

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We recommend having (or learning) some basic technical skills if you are looking to invest in the CabraTec EasyGoat. One big pro includes ease of replacement parts due to being built with standardized materials, the flipside however is that you will need to be able to assemble and maintain this toy. 

CabraTec EasyGoat Current Specs:

  • The lightest e-foil weighing in at 26 lb + 9 lb battery.
  • The most efficient, large propeller and motor housing only 45mm.
  • Boat licence and registration free in most countries, thanks to custom geared brushless 5hp motor
  • Packed size 33 x 17 x 13 inches
  • Assemble time 5 minutes

What’s included: 

  • Inflatable Board and waterproof hardboard and complete electronics
  • Battery pack
  • foil- mast, fuselage, wings, motor and alu-propeller
  • waterproof remote control
  • Wheeled Bag
  • Video manual
  • 1 year warranty

Want to see the EasyGoat in action? Check out the YouTube video below from JetSurfing Nation as they take it out for a test:

Overall, the CabraTec EasyGoat electric hydrofoil is a good option for the experienced electric vehicle junkie looking for a new toy and save some cash. Spare battery packs are available, but the charger is not included with the device. The electric hydrofoil battery uses a standard LiPos charger.

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