Candela C-8 Flying Electric Boat Revolutionizes Waterborne Transports

The hydrofoiling Candela C-8 flying electric boat takes her maiden voyage

Swedish electric boat company Candela announced their first flight of the Candela C-8 flying electric boat, a breakthrough for its industry. Just a year ago the C-8 was only a paper concept, and now it’s already the best selling electric speed boat in all of Europe, even selling out most premium internal combustion engine-powered boats as of last October.

There’s no sign of slowing down either. The Candela C-8 flying electric boat will begin it’s full-scale production shortly after taking on her maiden voyage. In a video published by the company, the C-8 shows off its amazing 28-foot hydrofoiling electric boat prototype navigating the seas near its Lidingö, Stockholm headquarters. According to Candela, the C-8’s first flight reached its “take-off” speed of 16 knots before quietly gliding over the water at a cruise speed of 20 knots.

Candela C-8 flying electric boat has a top speed of 50 nautical miles, thanks in part to its 67 horsepower C-Pod motor and 44 kWh battery. It rises effortlessly due to its computer-controlled hydrofoils which helps stabilize the boat by making hundreds of micro-adjustments each second. Up to eight passengers can join onboard and its cabin has enough room for two adults and two children.

Aside from the smooth and stealthy ride, the hydrofoil also saves about 80% of the energy required to operate, and its battery can become fully recharged in two hours. As a result, the boat can use a considerably smaller and less expensive battery, or it can achieve further distance using the same battery that’s utilized in a conventional electric boat.

Gustav Hasselskog, CEO of Candela, expresses his delight and happiness as the C-8 production takes shape:

“This successful first flight brings us one step closer to serial production. We’ll now perform a rigorous flight test campaign to ensure the reliability and maturity. We’re on track to deliver the first C-8 units this summer.”

The Candela C-8 flying electric boat has already received 100 orders, and those interested can reserve one today. The boats cost €290,000 (about $329,000), with the first C-8s due to arrive in the second half of 2023. Available are two different layouts, a “Daycruiser” and a “Hardtop” with a selection of two exterior colors and upholstery options.

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