Pilot The Doroni H1 Electric Flying Car With A Driver’s License

The Doroni H1 electric flying car can even fit in a standard two car garage

With only 20 hours of flight training along with a standard motor vehicle driver’s license, anyone is able to hop aboard the Doroni H1 electric flying car and soar high in the sky. Miami-based Doroni Aerospace recently debuted the cockpit of the H1 and pre-orders are currently being accepted.

Showcased at the EAA AirVenture in Wisconsin, the Doroni H1 electric flying car is aimed to change the game for consumers who are able to invest in an alternative vehicle for their daily work commute. Although the H1 will start off as a two-seater aircraft, Doroni is in the works of developing a vehicle for families as well.

Advertised as the “first-sustainable, practical flying car”, the H1 features two sets of wings, each with two ducted fans, and a payload capacity of 500 lb (226 kg). With a 60-mile (96 km) range on a single charge, its battery will need to be charged for around 15 to 20 minutes to get from 20% to 80% capacity. Max speed for this vehicle is 140 mph (225 kph).

Doroni H1 electric flying car
Doroni Aerospace

At a brand-new facility in Miami, Doroni Aerospace is constructing their first two prototypes in an effort to complete the first full-scale flying model within the upcoming few months. CEO Doron Merdinger stated that Doroni Aerospace is hoping that further development of the H1, up until the first deliveries in late 2024 and depending on certification constraints, will increase its maximum speed and nearly double its range limit.

Doroni also claimed to have support from original aviation equipment manufacturers such as Honeywell Aerospace, Garmin, and Amphenol. To ensure the Doroni H1 electric flying car is operated safely, the company will also guide customers in a 20-hour in-house training course to ensure safety. Doroni will only accept up to 36 pre-orders, with each H1 priced at $150,000 at launch.

H1 electric flying car
Doroni Aerospace

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