Electric boat builder Torqeedo partners with BMW

Electric boat manufacturer Torqeedo inked a deal with BMW in 2017 which led to the development of the Deep Blue Battery BMW i3  and i8. The BMW i3 and i8 batteries have a prismatic design that allows for its compact size and even distribution of temperature. The partnership has led to some incredible innovations for the electric boat market.

The Deep Blue BMW Battery i3 is a 360v with a 40 kWh weighing in at 278 kg, while the i8 has a 355v with 10 kWh and weighing in at 97 kg. “The low voltage power ranks in at 70% more energy density and a 50% longer life cycle than typical LiFePO4” Torqeedo’s website notes. The rugged design is ideal for boats with their high demands on shock resistance. 

Torqeedo co-founder and CEO Christoph Ballin said, “BMW i batteries are a model of exceptional reliability and performance in electric mobility. They allow us to deliver cutting-edge electric propulsion and integrated energy management for both recreational and commercial applications.” And since then, that is exactly what Torqeedo has done.

Torqeedo with Deep Blue Battery BMW i3

Deep Blue Battery BMW i3
Torqeedo & BMW

From Speedboats to Yachts to an all-electric harbor water clean-up boat, the Deep Blue lithium-ion batteries and motors have had a major influence on cutting edge electric boat technology. One of the most recent releases with this technology includes the Waste Cleaner 66 which was recently unveiled at the International Nautic Boat Show in Paris.

Ballin comments on the release that “The Waste Cleaner 66 boat is an ideal platform for electrification. The Deep Blue electric motor provides the low-speed torque and maneuverability needed to capture debris from the water while emitting no noise or exhaust fumes. We are getting substantial interest in electric power from other trash-removing vessel operators around the world.”

BMW batteries and Torqeedo motors are changing the electric boating industry and we can’t wait to see what other contributions their projects have to improve our waterways.

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