Check Out The Light And Quiet Evelo Dash Folding Electric Bike

The Evelo Dash folding electric bike’s ride is as sturdy as it can be

Bike manufacturer Evelo has released their new Evelo Dash folding electric bike that keeps the company’s powerful and luxurious qualities at hand. The Dash model has been given the same consideration as other models in the Evelo lineup, but scaled back and simplified for a weight reduction, as well as a cut in costs.

The Gates Carbon CDX belt drive, which takes the place of the bike chain, is at the center of the Evelo Dash folding electric bike. This one element makes owning this bike better in many ways than just a smooth ride as the bike travels very easily thanks to a belt drive that doesn’t need to be constantly lubricated or replaced. Yes, that means throw away your concerns about any form of rusting.

The torque-based Dapu MD350LT mid-drive motor that Evelo specially programmed for the Dash enhances the belt drive’s smoothness. Other features include the 350W power output, low component costs, extensive connectivity, and five levels of pedal assist and on-demand trigger throttle. The 160mm two piston hydraulic disc brakes on the Dash are also quite excellent. Although maintaining a manageable size and weight, these brakes deliver a great amount of stopping force.

Evelo Dash

There’s also a large color display that’s quite intuitive to use with its menus and settings. The Dash unfortunately only comes in dark blue, and it’s not the best choice for night riders as there aren’t reflective stripes or window sides. Don’t worry, there’s good news as the Evelo website allows for more customization.

The Evelo Dash folding electric bike starts at $3,199 and is now available.

Dash Folding Electric Bike

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