Fabulous UFO Car Discovered Outside Jeffree Star’s House

Supercar Blondie reveals the UFO Car with Jeffree Star

In the effort to depict the iconic Lamborghini Countach, Rem D. Koolhaas and the United Nude team have designed an unidentified driving object known as the UFO Car. Also labeled as the “Lo Res Car”, this electric whip resembles an out of this world art piece you might find at a museum.

Coincidentally, the UFO Car is tied to the Peterssn Automotive Museum, just like the 2016 Ford “Consumer Car”. Taking exterior design notes from the Tesla Cybertruck, the UFO Car surely does resemble the highly anticipated EV. Its body is made of smoked polycarbonate and is wrapped around an angular steel frame.

In the video below, vehicle vlogger Supercar Blondie is seen approaching the home of the famous YouTuber makeup artist Jeffree Star. The entire body of the United Nude Lo Res Car can be lifted from its front, revealing its small, but neat interior. Even though the cabin isn’t particularly roomy, there’s just enough space for two to sit in tandem.

At first glance, the unique hexagon-esque steering wheel sticks out like a sore thumb. Flip switches are positioned on the dash to enable drive and reverse, open and close for the canopy, and to turn the car’s interior, logo, and front lights.

There’s some background on the Lo Res Car, originally belonging to the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation in support of organizations and initiatives for a sustainable future. The award-winning actor then donated the futuristic EV to DriveH2, a non-profit public service initiative that educates on Hydrogen Fuel Cell EVs. Then, DriveH2 lent the car to the Petersen Automotive Museum.

This isn’t the first time the United Nude Lo Res Car has surfaced on Earth either. It won a Wallpaper Magazine design award in 2016 and was featured in Rich the Kid’s music video for his song “New Freezer”. The vehicle is now available for auction on the Petersen Automotive Museum website.

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