H2Fly HY4 Liquid Hydrogen Aircraft Is A Technical Challenge

The HY4 liquid hydrogen aircraft will have double the range than the hydrogen gas-powered HY4

H2fly recently announced their HY4 liquid hydrogen aircraft, an update to their pressurized gas variant. By installing liquid hydrogen tanks, the aircraft will boast two-times the range of the HY4 on a fuel cell powered by hydrogen gas.

Earlier this year, the hydrogen gas-powered HY4 set the record for the highest zero emission flight with 7,230 feet measured. It became the first hydrogen-powered passenger aircraft to soar an altitude higher than 7,000 feet (2,134 m). In addition, this version of the HY4 traveled 77 miles (124 km) from Stuttgart to Friedrichshafen to become the first passenger aircraft propelled by hydrogen to achieve such a feat.

The H2Fly HY4 liquid hydrogen aircraft will outperform the existing model, which has a top speed of 125 mph and a cruise speed of 90 mph. The propellers and electric motors, which are powered by the fuel cells and a battery bank that supplies extra power during high demands, are spaced optimally in the twin-fuselage design. The newly installed liquid hydrogen tanks increase the flight range from 450 to 900 miles.

According to Robb Report, H2Fly’s co-founder and CEO Dr. Josef Kallo stated, “Liquid hydrogen has huge advantages over the alternative pressurized hydrogen gas, not least because it becomes possible to carry a far greater quantity on board an aircraft. The result is significantly longer ranges. If we really want to change energy use on a global scale, we have to go with the fuel that provides the most efficient way of creating power, and that is definitely hydrogen.”

H2Fly has partnered with Deutsche Aircraft to create a fuel-cell-powered aircraft with a 1,200-mile range that can accommodate up to 40 passengers. It will utilize liquid hydrogen just like the HY4 liquid hydrogen aircraft.

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