Honda Cub E, Dax E, And ZOOMER E Launch In China

The Honda Cub E electric moped and its brethren were revealed in Shanghai

Designed for the younger electric riders in the Chinese market, the Honda Cub e electric moped along with the Dax e and ZOOMER e were recently announced at Honda press event in Shanghai. The Honda Super Cub is undoubtedly the source of inspiration for the Cub e, but it also incorporates contemporary design elements. It has a less flashy appearance than the original, perhaps to make it more affordable for the younger population that Honda is trying to appeal to.

There are currently three classifications for electric two-wheelers in China: EB (Electric Bicycle), EM (Electric Moped), and EV (Electric Vehicles). Honda has confirmed that the Honda Cub E electric moped, Dax e, and ZOOMER e all fall under the EB category, which implies that the new Honda electric moped top speeds are capped at 15.5 mph (25 kph).

According to Honda, the Cub e’s lithium battery has a 40-mile range and can be charged and discharged 2,000 times. It features a 960Wh removable battery pack thats paired with a 400W motor and disc brakes. Pricing starts at $885.

Honda Cub E electric

The design of the Dax e was inspired by the 1969 Honda Dax and holds a range of 50 miles. Featuring a fully digital instrument cluster and a circular LCD display, it is priced the same as the Cub e at $885.

Based off the 2002 Honda Zoomer, the Zoomer e utilizes the pipe frame structure from the original model and features the highest range of the three Honda electric mopeds with 56 miles. It also costs a bit more at $900.

Time will tell if the Honda Cub E electric moped and the rest of the lineup will release these to the States, but we’ve got our fingers crossed.

Dax E

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