US Production Beings For The Huck Cycles Stinger Electric Motorbike

The Huck Cycles Stinger electric motorbike will come in two versions

Electric moped and motorbike manufacturer Huck Cycles have begun production for their powerful latest model, the 2023 Huck Cycles Stinger electric motorbike. The North Carolina-based company recently announced the Stinger and is now ready for its forthcoming February release date.

Arriving in two models, the Huck Cycles Stinger electric motorbike comes in Standard and Performance Upgrade. Both models hold a 3kW nominal power rating in its rear hub motor, although the Performance Upgrade peaks at 8.5kW. The Standard variant includes dual 60V 6kWh (50Ah) battery packs that allow the bike to reach up to 45 mph.

Huck Cycles promises that the Stinger will hold a range of 100 to 120 miles for city cruising, but that number drops down to 50 miles for the speed demons out there. We expected the sub 200-pound Stinger to reach a tad bit more mileage as it’s considered a light ride, but the bike’s three performance modes allow the rider to optimize their commute.

Huck Cycles Stinger electric
Huck Cycles
  • Mode 1 will limit the speed of the bike to 20 mph, resulting in a range of the previously suggested 100 to 120 miles.
  • Mode 2 increases the speed to 30 mph, but that range will drop down to 80 miles.
  • Mode 3 can reach 45 mph (55 mph for Performance Upgrade), while the range is reduced to 65 miles.

The Performance Upgrade for the Huck Cycles Stinger electric motorbike also relies on a stronger controller, utilizing an ASI BAC4000 over the Sabvoton SVMC 72150 controller that’s included in the Standard model. The higher performance variant also has twin sport tires, a higher end suspension, and an LCD CAN-BUS display as additional features.

The hand-built Stinger is currently discounted for those who pre-order early. Customers can save 10% and will receive their bike in February. The Standard model starts at $8,690 and the Performance Upgrade starts at $9,999.

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