Check Out The Hyundai EV Charging Robot Prototype

A video preview of the Hyundai EV Charging robot prototype has surfaced

South Korean automaker Hyundai has debuted the Hyundai EV charging robot prototype, also known as an automatic charging robot (ACR). In a video reveal, a woman can be seen activating the automated parking technology, and then walks away from her Ioniq 6.

The automatic charging robot then approaches the car, interacts with the vehicle to unlock its charging port, and uses its arm to insert its cord and begins charging the battery. The whole process of how the Hyundai EV charging robot prototype works seems very fluid, and it’s thanks to the 3D camera based AI technology used to locate the vehicle, as well as its autonomous connectivity.

According to Hyundai Motor Group, such a technology could eventually support and aid people, resolving accessibility concerns and other drawbacks for some EV users, particularly in low-light conditions. Theoretically, it might be used in parking lots to consecutively charge a number of automobiles. Autonomous car charging could be another use.

Hyundai EV Charging Robo
Hyundai Motor Group | YouTube

“The ACR will help to make EV-charging easier and more convenient, especially in dark environments,” said head of Hyundai’s Robotics Lab, Dong Jin Hyun. “It will also improve accessibility, particularly for people with mobility barriers, as charging cables become thicker and heavier to enable high-speed charging.”

Made to function in any situation, the robot also has anomaly detection to prevent people from stepping into the cable, and it will notify drivers when their car is once again ready to drive. When the Hyundai EV charging robot prototype or any of the other charging simplification technologies are introduced, it will be the next tangible step toward enhancing the usability and accessibility of driving an EV.

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