The Karma SC2 concept electric hypercar has 1,100 horsepower

With a striking design that looks like something form the future, the Karma SC2 concept electric hypercar is anything but current. For a hot second, if you glance at the cars’ pictures, you’re initial thought would be that its a Mercedes Benz SLR McLaren because of the hinged wing doors but no, its a something better. Its an electric hyper car that sports 1,100 horsepower, 10,500 lb-ft of torque and can propel you from 0-60 in 1.9 seconds.

Can anyone say “rocket’, because that’s exactly what this car is or would feel like when your stepping on, and in theory, it could go head to head with the 2020 Tesla Roadster as that vehicle boast similar power and performance capabilities. The range is estimated to be 350 miles thanks to its “I-shaped” 120-kWh battery.

This two-door luxury hyper car is depicted to be a “bold demonstration” of Karma’s future design direction and technology, including fingerprint and facial recognition sensors for vehicle entry. Check out some of the pictures below that show case the SC2’s profile as well its interior of which reminds us of the Aston Martin Valhalla hyper car; the steering wheel that is.

Karma SC2 Photos

Karma Automotive was founded in 2014 from the remaining assets of Fisker Automotive, which went bankrupt in 2007. Karma’s operations are based in Southern California, but it’s owned by Wanxiang Group, a major Chinese auto parts supplier.

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