McLaren’s Steps Into Micromobility With The Lavoie Series 1 Electric Scooter

The Lavoie Series 1 electric scooter is built to “supercar standards”

Can you believe that British luxury automaker McLaren’s first ever EV is the Lavoie Series 1 electric scooter? Set to bring high quality and performance to the consumer, the Series 1 features key elements including its “Flowfold” folding mechanism.

With a single press of a button, the Flowfold hinge folds the entire unit into a manageable, compact size. Weighing just slightly over 36 pounds (16.5 kg), the Lavoie Series 1 electric scooter is easily transportable for train rides and can be stored safely.

The Series 1 has a unique and innovative lighting system that increases both rider and scooter visibility on the road. A triangle-shaped headlight projects a significantly brighter beam into the road in front of the scooter while rear-integrated lights enlighten the rider. Floodlights on the side of the deck improve the scooter’s overall appearance. Turn lights have also been integrated into the handlebars.

Series 1 electric scooter

Other premium features include a navigation and security app. Ian Callum, a former design chief at Jaguar, was selected to develop the Series 1’s color schemes and will continue to work with Lavoie on further projects.

Top speed specs have not yet been provided by McLaren but we do know that the electric scooter will provide a range of up to 31 miles per charge due to its kinetic energy recovery braking system. Given that the scooter can be fully charged in as little as two hours, the battery should be quite practical for everyday usage.

Lavoie Series 1 electric scooter

“We wanted to make a vehicle that’s reliable, faultlessly functional, powerful, stylish, full of state-of-the-art technology, and built the way you would a car or a motorcycle,” stated Lavoie co-founder Eliott Wertheimer. “We knew we could do this by combining our own expertise and experience with a company that operates at the highest level in the fields of automotive, motorsport and electronics.”

Pricing for the Lavoie Series 1 electric scooter is not yet available despite the fact that pre-orders will begin in January 2023.

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