The LSEV 3D printed car is the world’s first mass produced EV

The LSEV 3D printed car is the world’s first mass produced electric vehicle by X Electrical Vehicle or XEV for short, an Italian electric car company you never heard of and Chinese 3D-printing specialist Polymaker. The LSEV which stands for low-speed electric vehicle and it’s small, as in really small. It has a top speed of 43 mph and a range of 90 miles. It weighs a feather-light 992 lbs (450 kg). That’s less than a Formula One car.

The LSEV 3D printed car may not shove you back in your seat the way a Tesla Model S P100D does when you hit the accelerator, but it could be the answer to many people’s demands for an electric car that actually costs less than a conventional car. All pieces of the care are 3D printed with the exception of the glass, seats and chassis and has only 57 parts compared to well over 2,000 parts in a typical car. And according to the creator, it only takes 3 days to complete in their massive custom 3D printer. The LSEV price is only $7,500; no, you read that number right!

LSEV 3D Printed Car

XEV claims it has already taken 7,000 pre-orders for the 3D printed car from Poste Italiane and Arval, a car sharing service owned by BNP Paribas. Interest is also said to be high in China, with other countries seeking some interest as well.

The LSEV 3D printed car kind of reminds us of the Baojun E100, a small two-seat electric car developed by General Motors in cooperation with Chinese partner SAIC. Perhaps that’s where XEV and Polymaker got their inspiration from! Either way, this goes to show innovation at its finest when you pair the future of transportation with the future of additive manufacturing or 3D printing and this is only the beginning.

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