Three-Wheeled MATE SUV Electric Cargo Bike Looks Spiffy

The MATE SUV electric cargo bike is developed for in-city car trips

No, this isn’t an electric wheelbarrow — the MATE SUV electric cargo bike is here and it’s designed to take the spot of your car. Yes you read that right, the former was a joke, and the latter definitely wasn’t. Danish e-bike brand MATE has created one of their most unique products to date, and we’re all here for it.

The MATE SUV electric cargo bike was built with sustainability in mind, starting with the bike’s 90% recycled aluminum frame. A vehicle like this would usually require a torque motor to move big loads, but that’s not the case here as a mid-drive electric motor with a 250 watt nominal output will suffice. The motor’s 66 lb-ft of max torque can simply carry the commuter and their cargo without any setbacks.

This unique  e-bike has European-level specifications that are appropriate for the European market, including a top speed of 25 km/h (15.5 mph). Most European nations have more stringent e-bike laws than those in North America, which causes top speeds to be lower.

MATE SUV Electric

Intended to fit a variety of rider heights between 160 and 210 cm (5′ 3″ and 6′ 10″), the front bucket of the MATE SUV electric cargo bike can carry two kids or one adult. As for items, it’s able to fit 210 L (55.5 gallons) of your heart’s desires.

As for features, there’s a set of hydraulic brakes for swift and smooth stops along with an LED light bar at both the front and rear of the cargo for visibility and safety purposes. Expect to hit 199 km (62 miles) per full charge on this bad boy.

Although not yet in production, the MATE SUV is currently available for reservations. For €49 ($52), consumers can secure a spot on the waitlist as well as a 20% discount off the $6,850 sticker price. Not too shabby for being an early bird adopter! Expect this one-of-a-kind e-bike to be released sometime during Q3 2023.

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