MUJI x Honda MS01 eBike Collaboration

The simple and clean MUJI x Honda MS01 eBike draws inspiration from the MUJI H-Type

For under $800, the MUJI x Honda MS01 eBike might be your next investment to save on gas money. Home and lifestyle brand MUJI and Japanese automaker Honda have collaborated on a new electric bike that’s as practical as it is simple.

MUJI has been creating functional, minimalist designs from apparel to home goods since 1980. Kenya Hara, the company’s creative director, is responsible for the design of the U-shaped MUJI x Honda MS01 eBike that’s accessible for all riders of all types of sizes. The bike has conventional handlebars with simple features and functionalities to keep costs down. The clean black and white color scheme adds to its practical aesthetic.

When describing the MUJI philosophy, Hara claims that the idea of emptiness and simplicity comes first. In light of this, he explains how MUJI effectively personifies this void and provides an illustration using the company’s mattress with legs that doubles as a sofa.

MUJI x Honda MS01 eBike

“Giving users the freedom to use our products however they wish is what I mean by emptiness,” said Hara. “We feel this is not something to be explained in words. Our visuals are designed to wake people to this emptiness so that users feel it the moment they see them.”

The eBike consists of a 400W hub-mounted motor with a top speed of 16 mph (25 km/h) and rides on 17-inch tubeless tires for all kinds of road riding. A 48V/20Ah lithium battery and a regenerative EBS power system are also included. A single charge allows for a 41 mile (65 kilometer) range, which should suffice for a whole week of short distance riding.

Unfortunately, the MUJI x Honda MS01 eBike is currently only available in China and is limited to 5,000 units and priced at ¥4,980 CNY, or $744 USD. We’ll be keeping tabs for a future release in the States.

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