Neocean Overboat F Electric Flying Boat Is Making Waves In The PWC Sector

The Overboat F electric flying boat provides swift, quiet fun on the water

French watercraft company Neocean has presented their Overboat F electric flying boat, a personal watercraft (PWC), at the recent 2022 Cannes Yachting Festival. Although the Overboat has existed for a while now, Neocean’s new offering is currently available in France, Spain, Italy, Greece, the Netherlands, and Switzerland, as well as the United Arab Emirates.

The Neocean Overboat F electric flying boat is lifted by retractable, inverted T-shaped hydrofoils that have been added to the F Series line, providing less friction, better stability, and higher speeds. Neocean has developed two sizes for their new watercraft, and it features three hydrofoils along with an electric drive.

There are three retractable foils, with two in the front and one in the back, that power the boat along with an electric propeller. To operate the Overboat F, all the user needs to do is push down the foils, activate the propeller, and launch forward as it naturally lets the hulls out of the water.

Overboat F electric flying boat

The single-seater 100F is 11 feet long and has one seat. Its 4.5 kW/50V electric motor is powered by a 5.7 kWh battery. The 150F, a two-seater variant, has a larger 10 kWh battery and is a little bit longer at around 12 feet. Just to note, their Overboat 150F is the only two-seater that requires a special license to operate.

An electric motor with a 10-kw, 50-volt capacity drives the propeller. The Neocean Overboat F electric flying boat has a top speed of 20 knots, which translates to about 23 mph, and a cruising speed of 15 knots, or 17 mph. The battery can last up to two hours and can fully charge in less than two hours.

With two poly-fiberglass hulls that are connected by a central seat, each hull is topped with flooring and can be used to create a mini deck or a swimming platform when idle. The seating portion has a comfy saddle, an electric steering wheel with a digital display, and a concealed cubby for stowing items.

Overboat F electric

The Neocean Overboat F electric series is now available for orders through the Neocean website.

Neocean Overboat F electric

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