Neuron EV’s T-ONE and TORQ take on Tesla

Neuron EV revealed plans for two new vehicles to their fleet of electric vehicles at the Shanghai Import Expo in Chicago. Neuron EUVs are focusing on utility and renewability in design and function. The Neuron EV TORQ and Neuron electric Semi-truck are causing the EV market to ask: Could their focus on renewable energy give them a leg up on EV giant Tesla’s soon to be released pickup and semi?

Neuron EV TORQ

Neuron EV is a California start-up founded by Edward Lee and Scott Zheng two years ago. They refer to themselves as a “visionary automotive company” and are seeking to make their mark on the electric vehicle market by focusing on utility vehicles. 

While mechanical details of the vehicles still leave much to the imagination, the renderings suggest that they are going toe-to-toe with Tesla. The design is based on a “modular electric utility” design with the ability to upgrade the technological components and offer versatility. According to an article by International Business Times:

Both electric trucks are driven by a multi-source propulsion system that draws power from an all-electric traction battery pack. They also come with a replaceable reserve power source and a removable solar panel truck bed cover. All these features support Neuron’s emphasis on renewable energy, which is something Tesla EVs lack.

The interior of the Neuron EUVs will come with a totally minimalist interior architecture; physical knobs and switches will be replaced by an intuitive vehicle interface application on personal devices. Much like Hue, Nest, etc, you will be able to change the temperature and operate other key features directly from your phone. 

Neuron EV T-ONE

The T-ONE may be built in various options. While we are still waiting to see the Tesla pickup’s final designs, the similarities between the Neuron Semi & Tesla Semi make us ask: will the Tesla Pickup resemble the Neuron T-ONE?

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