Persico Marine Presents New 100.2 Persico Zagato Electric Powerboat

The Persico Zagato electric powerboat will be built in Nembro, Bergamo

Italian shipyard Persico Marine and Zagato Atelier have collaborated to develop their first joint project, the 100.2 Persico Zagato electric powerboat. The cutting-edge 26-foot electrically propelled boat, which was unveiled at Zagato’s Milan headquarters, will be sold in a runabout series of only nine units.

The Persico Zagato electric powerboat series will have an 8-foot beam and a total displacement of just 5,511 pounds. Using cutting-edge composite material, the 100.2 will be constructed at the Persico Marine shipyard in Nembro, Bergamo.

“The project started from a shared concept: the idea that the boat should be a collector’s piece,” said Andrea Zagato, CEO of Zagato Milano. “The newest most innovative technologies presently available will make the boat sustainable and destined to leave its distinctive mark — designed for uncommon customers — the ones always looking for excellence and innovation in any field.”

Persico Zagato

A customized DeepSpeed electric propulsion system created by Italian start-up Sealence is powered onboard by an 83 kWh lithium battery. The vessel can travel at 26 knots or achieve 43.5 knots at full tilt thanks to the 205 kW jet-pod motor. According to the designers, this places the Persico Zagato electric powerboat at the peak of its class in terms of performance.

At cruising speed, you should be able to travel about 28 nautical miles. The range may also be increased to 47 nautical miles by adding an additional 83 kWh battery pack, although doing so would make the ship heavier and slower.

The 100.2 truly is a genuine luxury product that combines both exceptional quality and uniqueness, with only nine custom-made hulls in production. Expect the first hull of the nine to deliver by the end of 2023.

Persico Zagato electric powerboat

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