The New Lime Swappable Battery Offers Double The Battery Life

Lime electric bikes and scooters will receive the new Lime swappable battery

Added to Lime’s fleet of electric bikes and scooters is a new Lime swappable battery that’s interchangeable. The component, according to the San Francisco mobility startup, is a major improvement over the one it currently utilizes.

Repair teams will be able to quickly recharge the batteries without having to gather them. As a result, Lime maintenance vehicles will take fewer trips and lessen their distance traveled while producing less carbon dioxide; a win-win scenario.

The new Lime swappable battery’s capacity is approximately twice as much as their previous.46 kWh design. Lime can also upgrade the performance of their Gen4 and Citra e-bikes and scooters without having to replace them. Before expanding its use, Lime says it will first introduce the battery in a small number of locations this summer, including Long Beach, California and Paris, France.

Ever since the first pilot program started in 2018, Lime has gained over two million riders. This new battery upgrade comes at a time of need with the recent gas price surge. More so than ever, consumers are looking into alternate, more sustainable options for micromobility, and Lime’s product offerings might be on top of that list.

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