Dirt Jumpers Will Be In Awe Of The ONYX LZR Pro Electric Bike

The quality build of the ONYX LZR Pro electric bike puts in front of the competition

The Onyx LZR Pro electric bike is a groundbreaking product in the field of off-road cycling. This bike offers users a distinctive and exhilarating riding experience thanks to its strong 900W electric motor and amazing build quality. Let’s take a look at all the tech specs.

There are currently two models in the LZR series, and the ONYX LZR Pro electric bike is the one that comes equipped with a 900W motor and a M600 Bafang mid-drive. Without a throttle, the LZR Pro is considered a class 3 eBike, and will require some strong calves to hit its potential.

On the handlebar-mounted display, there are five additional power modes available. This is advantageous if you want to avoid the motor starting while doing slow, precise movements and falling to the ground.

LZR Pro electric bike

ONYX employs a process known as Smooth Weld Additive Technology (SWAT), which inexplicably produces smooth welds at the joints of the frame tube. Instead of quick release skewers, the bike uses BMX dirt jump hubs with real thru-axles. Although the front still has a fast release to make it simple to remove the wheel when needed, the robust thru-axles are built to withstand the stresses of braking and jumping.

The Onyx LZR Pro electric bike is a cutting-edge dirt bike that combines performance, design, and eco-friendliness. With its powerful electric motor and impressive 30 to 70 mile range, it’s sure to impress both off-road enthusiasts and environmentally conscious riders.

Only the Myst Pearl color option is currently offered on the $3,399 LZR Pro, but the first 100 customers will receive a $600 discount that lowers the tag to $2,699.

LZR Pro electric

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