Panasonic teams up with Tropos Motors to create small EVs

For those of you that still remember the Original Scale Miniatures commercially known as Micro Machines, you’ll appreciate Tropos Motors a Silicon Valley based start-up that manufacturers and distributes miniature all-electric, street-legal vehicles, specializing in utility electric Low Seed Vehicles (e-LSVs) and trucks.

Tropos vehicles are designed for corporate, fleet, first-responder, agriculture, last-mile delivery and construction applications and look cool as hell. They are so cool that Panasonic announced back in 2019 that they will begin collaborating with Tropos and offer their OneConnect proprietary software and cloud services platform to all vehicles.

Tropos employs the latest EV technology, experienced engineering and modern design aesthetics across their three models; Able ST, Able XR and Able RHD offering a full line of durable, versatile and available electric Commercial Utility Vehicles (eCUVs).

According to Tropos website “the Tropos Motors product line is capable of handling large payloads and towing capacities, and can operate in extremely tight quarters with a short wheelbase and turning radius and can be operated indoors, outdoors and off-road. Available in countless configurations, their trucks are ready to work as hard as you do, no matter the job.”

Panasonic Tropos Motors

The Panasonic Tropos Motors collab will allow for advanced fleet monitoring that includes battery monitoring, predictive maintenance scheduling, tracking and analytics. The information is accessed through two programs called SkipGen and SPYDR giving the driver and the repair department key insights on their vehicles. Seems pretty cool. Wonder if they will have a phone app allowing the drivers to monitor vehicle health and driving analytics in real time?

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