PIvotal Helix eVTOL Wins 2024 MUSE Design Award

The Pivotal Helix eVTOL will soar this skies this summer

Redefining personal mobility, the single-seat Pivotal Helix eVTOL has officially been named as the winner of the 2024 MUSE Transportation Design of the Year award. Recognizing Pivotal’s innovation and impact in the industry, the company also received a Platinum 2024 MUSE award for technical and creative excellence.

“Receiving the MUSE Transportation Design of the Year Award reflects our relentless pursuit of innovation and excellence in the development of light eVTOL aircraft,” said Pivotal CEO Ken Karklin as the Helix wins the 2024 MUSE Transportation Design Award. “This recognition reaffirms that we are leading a sea change in the world of transportation. The market is ready, our technology is real, and our aircraft delivers the beauty and freedom of personal flight to a growing number of people with a passion for flying.”

The Pivotal Helix eVTOL is categorized as FAA Part 103 Ultralight Aircraft, which eliminates the need for a pilot’s license in order to operate. However, there are certain limitations. Aircrafts like the Helix are restricted to a maximum speed of 63.3 mph, cannot be flown over densely populated regions, and must weigh less than 254 pounds.

Pivotal Helix

Thanks to eight fixed rotors distributed between its two tandem wings, the Helix can cruise at up to 60 mph. With a 20 percent power reserve, the eVTOL can fly up to 20 miles at a time thanks to its 8 kWh battery capacity. In about 75 minutes, level 2 charging enables the pilot to fully charge its battery from 20 to 80 percent capacity.

Features of the Pivotal Helix eVTOL include navigation and control systems that utilize a human-machine interface (HMI) with an intuitive touch screen panel, an ergonomic left-or-right joystick, and a viewscreen. Additionally, it’s the first in a series of light eVTOL systems built on the Pivotal’s unique tilt-aircraft VTOL technology that’s both reliable and practical.

Over 8,500 entries were received for the MUSE Creative and Design Awards, which are hosted by the International Awards Associate (IAA). Those whose work exemplifies excellence and advances their industries were honored by a jury of 56 industry professionals.

Pivotal Helix eVTOL

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