Expect The Porsche Cayenne EV SUV To Launch In The Next 10 Years

The fully electric Porsche Cayenne EV SUV is on the way

The upcoming all-electric Porsche Cayenne EV SUV will be replacing the gas powered Cayenne models as Porsche CEO Oliver Blume stated during the automaker’s Annual Press Conference on Monday. The fourth electric vehicle from the luxury German marque is expected to debut sometime in 2027.

Ever since Porsche acknowledged they were developing a battery-powered Macan for 2020, there has been discussion of a Porsche Cayenne EV SUV. The executive only provided minor details about their newest EV saying that it will be built on the fourth generation of the mid-size SUV rather than the third. The most recent Cayenne has undergone extensive improvements and will have a new, more adaptable chassis.

There’s also an entirely new electric SUV, which Blume disclosed was in development last summer. Although it doesn’t yet have a name, the Porsche EV will sit above the Macan and Cayenne in the lineup. The model will reportedly include three rows of seats, a range of more than 400 miles, and a design language that is shared with the brand’s other SUVs.

Porsche Cayenne EV SUV

“We are thereby underlining and strengthening our sporty luxury positioning. We are observing growing profit pools in this segment, in particular in China and the US,” said Blume at the conference.

By 2030, Porsche still expects to sell 20% of combustion-powered vehicles. The 911 will receive the majority of that allocation, as it accounted for almost 13% of Porsche’s global sales in 2022. Although it hasn’t been confirmed, the Porsche Cayenne EV SUV may also debut with hybrid and combustion variants by 2030.

Porsche Cayenne EV

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