Project Ronin Electric Grand Tourer Is Fisker’s Third EV

The Fisker Project Ronin electric grand tourer is claimed to have a whopping 600-mile range

As the third EV from the American marque, the Fisker Project Ronin electric grand tourer has been announced on Wednesday. Fisker hasn’t even started production of their first EV, the Ocean, but it looks like they’re ready to roll with the trilogy.

The Project Ronin electric grand tourer will be an all-electric sport GT with features including a battery pack built into the vehicle’s frame. Fisker is developing Project Ronin to have the greatest range of any production electric vehicle while still providing the highest level of performance. Named after John Frankenheimer’s 1998 film Ronin, which contains several vehicle chases across Europe, Project Ronin was created specifically for long, cross-country journeys with no emissions.

Production of the Ronin is set to start in the later half of 2024. According to Fisker, the expected $100,000+ luxury EV will compete against other luxury vehicles in all sectors, both electric and gas-powered. “It truly will replace the luxury gasoline grand tourers out there,” said the CEO of Fisker, Henrik Fisker.

Project Ronin electric grand tourer

Only one image of the Fisker Project Ronin electric grand tourer has been officially released, but the CEO has confirmed it will be a four-door convertible rather than a classic sports coupe. With that said, the convertible will be capable of covering great distances while providing enough room for four people and luggage.

Speaking of great distances, the Project Ronin’s 600-mile range will be achieved by its lightweight, high-density battery pack. Fisker claims that when the vehicle launches in two years, it will have the longest range of any production EV. As for the exterior, the luxury EV will feature “unique doors” for easier access due to its smaller frame.

“The aim is to achieve the world’s longest range for a production EV, combined with extremely high levels of performance,” said CEO Henrik Fisker. “Project Ronin will be a showcase for our internal engineering, powertrain and software capabilities.”

A full reveal of Project Ronin is scheduled for August 2023.

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