Proterra Electric Buses

Proterra is an electric bus company that is impacting the electric vehicle industry from the top down. By developing commercial electric buses and partnering with schools, cities, and manufacturers, Proterra Electric Buses are reshaping what it means to take public bus transit. They are revolutionizing electronic vehicles in fleets, as opposed to singular sales and we can’t wait to see every coach and school bus transformed into an electric bus.

Launched in 2004, Proterra is the leading electric bus company in North America. With over 700 electric buses on the road throughout the United States and Canada. Their vision includes helping cities and organizations to switch to 100% electric bus fleets.

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According to Proterra’s website, they have to be able to prevent “more than 45 million lbs of greenhouse gases from escaping into the atmosphere and avoided burning some two million gallons of fuel”. They are located in Silicone Valley with manufacturing locations in both Southern California and South Carolina. Check out their current bus line up below:

proterra electric school buses

School Bus – The Saf-T-Liner C2 Jouley powered by Proterra

In partnership with Thomas Built Buses, Proterra took the typical North American school bus, and made it electro. Through their partnership, Proterra produced another line of 100% all electric buses with zero emissions, greater efficiency and lower operating costs. This model has clocked over 8,000,000 Services miles so far and is ISO certified. Proterra also produced the charging module for the buses with 3 hrs to full charge time utilizing a DC current. 


proterra electric coach bus

Coach Buses – Van Hool CX45E 

In partnership with Van Hool, Proterra is developing an electric alternative to the current diesel fueled CX45 coach. This vehicle is geared for long distance intercity travel in the North American market. As an electric bus, this fleet of coach buses will make for quieter neighborhood roads, lower operating costs, simpler maintenance than the combustion engine counterparts, reduced emissions through replacement of the current diesel counterparts. 


proterra catalyst electric bus

Transit Buses – Proterra Calayst

Designed and engineered as an exclusively electric vehicle from inception, the Catalyst line delivers exceptional route flexibility and proven operational performance, with the greatest range of any zero-emission, battery-electric bus in its class. Far more economical than conventional transit vehicles, the Catalyst line aren’t just clean and quiet, which is perhaps why LADOT uses the buses in their fleet. Combining significantly lower maintenance costs with the stable cost of electricity and exceptional fuel economy delivering up to 25 MPGe, Proterra’s customers have the potential to achieve over $400,000 in operational savings per vehicle by not having to maintain an engine, fuel system, cooling system or exhaust system, making those efforts and expenses a thing of the past.

The Catalyst is available in two models; a 35 foot and 40 foot model

35 ft Proterra Catalyst Model

Battery: 440kWh

Range: 234 miles

MPGe: 25.8

Horsepower: 510 

Acceleration: 0-20 mph in 5 seconds

Seating: 29 Passengers 


40 ft Proterra Catalyst Model

Battery: 660 kWh

Range: 328 miles

MPGe: 25.3

Horsepower: 510 

Acceleration: 0-20 mph in 5 seconds

Seating: 40 Passengers


If you’re using city transportation to commute, there is a good chance that you may have ridden in an electric bus at one point or another and may not even been aware. There is no down that electric powered vehicles will be the wave of the future. It will be interesting to see when when the major cities in the world decide to go green, the noise level of automobile would be lower thus making the world a quieter place.

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