Rimac Nevera Electric Hypercar Is Now The Fastest Production EV In The World

The Croatian Rimac Nevera electric hypercar has a max speed of 256 mph

Claiming the top speed record for EV production vehicles with 256 mph, the 1,914 hp Rimac Nevera electric hypercar set the mark in Germany on a 7.5 mile track at the Automotive Testing Papenburg facility. The record attempt, driven by Rimac Automobili’s chief test and development driver Miro Zrnčević on two 2.9 mile straights, was verified using onboard equipment although not authorized by Guinness Records.

The Rimac Nevera electric hypercar is powered by four electric motors with the company claiming it can go from zero to 62 mph in only 1.95 seconds and zero to 100 mph in 4.3 seconds. That’s blazing fast, which is why Nevera limits the max speed of their vehicles to 219 mph when delivered to customers. That said, that limit can be adjusted at controlled events that are supported by Rimac Automobili.

“To travel at 412 kph, or 258 mph, means traveling at a third of the speed of sound,” said Zrnčević. “Simply achieving that alone in a road car is incredibly complex, but in the Nevera we’ve created a car that can travel long distances on a single charge, can tackle tight and twisting race tracks and can drift as well as break straight-line speed records, both for acceleration and V-max.”

“I’ve driven Nevera since it first turned a wheel and to see the perfectly honed car that is today is a really emotional moment,” Zrnčević continued. “The most important thing I have learned during the top-speed attempt is how composed and stable the car was, confirming that our aerodynamics and vehicle dynamics teams have done an amazing job.”

With the “fastest EV on Earth” title, the Rimac Nevera electric hypercar falls just short of the fastest internal-combustion engine in the world, the Koenigsegg Agera RS. Recorded to hit 277.87 mph in 2017, the Nevera is shy of about 20 mph. Still bloody fast, nonetheless.

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