The Segway Dirt eBike is the ultimate electric bicycle

The Segway Dirt eBike is well on its way into production from its IndieGoGo campaign and we can’t wait to see it out on the road. Living somewhere between a traditional dirt bike and an eco-friendly mountain bike, this electric dirt bike gives us a whole new way to slay the trails.

Don’t just take our word for it, Fox, Mashable, Popular Mechanics, TechCrunch, and Gear Junkie have all jumped on the fan-wagon as well. 

Some of the key features we are loving on the Segway Dirt eBike is the swappable batteries, lightweight design, and 74.6 miles of range on this baby. With a 0-31 MPH in 4.02 seconds, the Dirt eBike hits a max speed at 46.6 mph.

The lightweight frame and shock reduction system make it a perfect companion for hitting the mountain trails. And of course, the best part is that it is electric! 

The frame is made of aluminum and weighs in at a mere 121.3 lbs. There are two models for this bike: the x260 & x160. The x260 can climb up to a forty-five-degree slope. 

Segway Dirt eBike

X160                                       X260
Dimensions: L × W × H 71.7 × 29.1 × 40.2 inch (1820 × 740 × 1020 mm) 74.2 × 30.7 × 41.3 inch (1885 × 780 × 1050 mm)
Vehicle Weight/ Including Battery 88.2 / 105.8 lbs (40 / 48 kg) 97.0 / 121.3 lbs (44 / 55 kg)
Headlight N/A With headlight
Wheelbase 49.2 inch (1250 mm) 49.8 inch (1265 mm)
Minimum Clearance 8.7 inch (220 mm) 10.6 inch (270 mm)
Max. Climbing Slope 35° slope 45° slope
Max. Speed 31.1 mph (50 km/h) 46.6 mph (75 km/h)
Mileage[1] 40.4 mile (65 km) 74.6 mile (120 km)
Seat Height 29.9 inch (760 mm) 31.9 inch (810 mm)
Power System High speed brushless DC motor High speed brushless DC motor
Max. Motor Power 3 KW 5 KW
Nominal Power 2 KW 3 KW
Max. Torque for Driving Wheel 162.2 ft*lb (220 N*m) 184.3 ft*lb (250 N*m)
IP Rating Battery IP65; Controller IP67 Battery IP65; Controller IP67
Vehicle Material Forged Aluminum Alloy Forged Aluminum Alloy
Handlebar Length 29.9 inch (760 mm) 30.7 inch (780 mm[D2] )
Battery Type Lithium battery Lithium battery
Charging Time 3 – 4 h 4 – 5 h
Capacity 20 Ah 32 Ah
Rated Voltage 48 V 60 V
Overcurrent Protection Value 75 A 100 A
Nominal Power 300 W 700 W
Charger Input Voltage 100–240 V 50–60 HZ 100–240 V 50–60 HZ
Charger Output Voltage/ Power 58.8 V / 5 A 67.2 V / 10 A
Charger Model NB-58D8-5D0 NB-67D2-10D0
Gear Type Aluminum alloy 17*1.4 Aluminum alloy 19*1.4
Tire Type 70/100-17 off-road tire 70/100-19 off-road tire
Wheel Diameter 17 inch 19 inch
Handlebar Grip Material Silicone rubber Silicone rubber
Front Shock Absorber System Single-shoulder inverted front fork (adjustable) Double-shoulder inverted front fork (adjustable)
Rear Shock Absorber System Multi-link hydraulic spring central type Multi-link hydraulic spring central type
Rear Shock Absorber Range 3.0 inch (75 mm adjustable) 3.3 inch (85 mm adjustable)
Brake System Disc brake Disc brake
Primary Drive System HTD 8M belt 22.0 inch (560 mm) HTD 8M belt 22.0 inch (560 mm)
Secondary Drive System 420 chain with 112 sections 420 chain with 106 sections


The Segway Dirt eBike is definitely on our wish list of electric toys this year and t should probably be on your if you’re the green thumb outdoorsy X Games type. Happy Trails!

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