Solar-Powered Campworks NS-1 Camper Has Launched

Start your electrified adventure with the Campworks NS-1 camper

The Campworks NS-1 camper, also known as the Nomadic System One, has been announced by the Colorado-based campaign outfit Campworks. Most camping trailers out there aren’t environmentally friendly and require additional fuel for its long list of features. The NS-1 aims to alleviate those issues by running everything through electricity due to its use of solar power.

Everything onboard the Campworks NS-1 camper is electric. Lights, kitchen, cabin heater, water heater, you name it. It aims to be utilized as an off-road micro-grid with its solar panel that can absorb up to 1,840 watts of energy. In just five hours in direct sunlight, the solar panel charges the camper’s 5,500-Wh LiFePO4 battery which will hold enough charge to last for an entire day.

The Nomadic System One is built upon a single piece composite shell with insulation as opposed to the aluminum and wooden framed structure preferred by a majority of teardrop trailer manufacturers. Anything and everything may be mounted on it, including tools, bike racks, and more. No matter if you’re heading out to explore the mountains or go snowboarding, Campworks is pleased to say their NS-1 can transport all the necessities for your outdoor adventures.

Campworks NS-1 camper

Its 240-volt Mastervolt inverter may be used to recharge power tools or the battery of your EV. Even though there is adequate space for an additional battery pack, there’s no need for it as long as the sun is shining. A queen-size mattress is provided in the interior, along with a cabin with acoustic paneling and overhead storage. You can even roll up the mattress and open the cabin’s interior to convert it into a dining room.

With an axle-less suspension, a steel plated underbody, and a powder coated steel frame, the camper also has outstanding ground clearance of 19 inches thanks to a set of 21-inch all-terrain tires, allowing it to traverse safe, sound, and securely.

Campworks claims that no OEM RV or trailer has ever been constructed with a 9000W 240V electrical output. “Energy is a currency. It is actual power, and if you have it, your ability to do work, to explore, to build, to then rest, is that change we wish to see in the world,” says Director of Community at Campworks, Kristian Rene. “It is a power bank that allows the individual or organization to deliver and share energy.”

Any adventure can be had with the Campworks NS-1 camper, and we are eager to use it in the great outdoors. At a price of $65,000 orders are now available on the Campworks website with a $1,000 deposit.

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