Take A Look At The Solar-Powered Silent 60 Electric Catamaran

The 60-foot Silent 60 electric catamaran is a quiet and sustainable electric yacht

Austrian company Silent Yachts’ most recent Silent 60 electric catamaran is a step ahead of their bestselling Silent 55. The new Silent 60 is broader, longer, bulkier, and boasts a unique high performance hull design with a longer waterline and a reverse bow that was improved through CFD analysis.

“The Silent 60 is a true world cruiser,” said Founder and CEO of Silent Yachts, Michael Köhler. “We updated our most popular model and now she resembles the flagship Silent 80. I’m happy to confirm we’ve already sold six units of the new Silent 60 even before the official presentation, which is a tremendous success. They are now under construction.”

The Silent 60 electric catamaran is built with Silent Yachts’ E-Power propulsion system, which includes twin Dana TM4 electric motors with 200kW or 268 horsepower and 207kWh lithium-ion batteries. They have a max speed of 16 mph and a cruising speed of 8 mph. In the base model, a 143kWh lithium-ion battery bank powers the dual 50kW or 67 horsepower motors. There’s also the E-Power+ package, which includes twin 340kW/455 hp motors and 286kWh batteries, effective for speeds of up to 20 mph.

“For anyone who wants to dash around at 17 knots all day long, our recommendation is to buy a different boat,” said Silent Yachts chief tester Kyle Miller. “The Silent 60 is designed for relaxing on the move, gliding from one anchorage to the next, and being self-sufficient on the hook.”

With its 30-foot beam at the dock, the Silent 60 electric catamaran seems quite big. The catamaran has a boxed feel due to its vertical hull sides, upright bow design, and straight cabin walls. Long window stripes along the sidewall of the hull and greater window surface all around are some of the Silent 60’s more distinguishing exterior designs. In its interior, the 60 has a vast aft deck, roomy galley, spacious dining space, and a massive salon. The hulls below provide a choice of three or four roomy cabins.

It’s astonishing how efficiently the yacht utilizes the sun’s energy, with zero-emissions produced during operation, and vast and adaptable interior spacing. The brand new Silent 60 electric catamaran exemplifies the allure of electric power.

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