Latest Renderings Of Southern Wind SW108 Sailing Yacht Revealed

The 35-meter hybrid Southern Wind SW108 sailing yacht is undergoing its final stages

The newest images of the Southern Wind SW108 sailing yacht have surfaced. The world of environmentally friendly performance sailing will be opened by the first Southern Wind project to be conceptualized and engineered as a hybrid from its inception.

A representative of the South African yard said that these updated renderings are “more in line with the owner’s final choices” In the spring of 2021, the company first hinted at the new Southern Wind SW108 sailing yacht model. Now, they are debuting the first hull of the series.

The 108-foot yacht is equipped with a ground-breaking hybrid propulsion system and a number of cutting-edge features that can be customized. The first hull, which is expected to be delivered in 2023, is currently going through the last steps of its lamination process. Based on a unique design framework, the SW108 can be modified to meet the needs of the owner.

Designed by Farr Yacht Design and Nauta Design, the SW108 Diesel Electric Hybrid propulsion system is based on a combination of two extremely effective generators — high-voltage lithium battery bank and an electric propulsion engine, allowing it to comply with IMO Tier III. Developed in partnership with BAE System, fossil fuels can be used more effectively while producing less hazardous pollutants.

The Southern Wind SW108 sailing yacht is also configurable at three different levels (lifting, telescopic, fixed). Additionally, owners can choose from a wide range of interior designs and deck layouts, including Deck Saloon,Gran Turismo, and Raised Saloon. Each boat has its own distinct personality according to the yard’s “Smart Custom” design philosophy.

The hull and deck of the SW108 will be built using composite materials, such as resin and foam that have been combined with carbon fiber, to create a yacht that is both light and durable. A foam sandwich structure with wood veneers will be used for the interior. Naturally, a complete complement of opulent amenities should be expected, including a gym, sauna, beach club, and a garage that’s more than adequate in size to fit a 16-foot tender.

The SW108 is scheduled for delivery in 2023.

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