Spyker Workshop Debuts CyberKAT Remote-Controlled Snowcat

The Cybertruck inspired CyberKAT remote-controlled snowcat could help clear snow

Startup Spyker Workshop has revealed the CyberKAT remote-controlled snowcat designed to help with the removal of snow during particularly harsh winters. The electric vehicle is the mirror image of its predecessor, the Tesla Cybertruck.

The CyberKAT remote-controlled snowcat does not have many curves but has a sharp silver form similar to the polygonal silhouette of the Cybertruck. Named by Ryan Butler, the owner of Spyker Workshop, the CyberKAT snowcat EV is equipped with large tracks that allow it to maneuver through thick layers of snow.

Measuring about 29 inches long by 19 inches wide, the CyberKAT can clear around 4 inches of snow and is designed to navigate across rough terrain. There is a separate attachment named the CyBlower that quickly transforms the remote-controlled snowcat EV into a snowblower when coupled to its trailer hitch. Consider it a wheeled snowblower that you can operate from the comfort of your living room.

Check out the CyberKAT remote-controlled snowcat reveal from Spyker below:

Including its transmission, the frame of the CyberKAT is made of aluminum sheet metal and features aluminum components. The vehicle’s 775 electric motor requires the use of 12-volt batteries, although Spyker claims that with the correct setup, the snowcat EV can run on 24-volt batteries.

While the CyberKAT is priced starting at $1,299, it costs an extra $120 for the CyberKAT electronics kit, which is required to power the EV, and another additional $80 for the optional radio. According to current estimates, the first models are expected to ship in January or February 2022.

The CyberKAT remote-controlled snowcat is currently available for preorder on the Spyker Workshop website.

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