Stark Varg Electric Dirt Bike Is The Future

The Stark Varg electric dirt bike will be available in late 2022.

Brand new Swedish electric motorcycle company Stark Future has revealed their first model, the Stark Varg electric dirt bike. While combining extreme power and torque, the company claims the new motocrosser will outperform any current electric dirt bike model.

A peak-rated 80 horsepower (60 kW) electric engine provides the power, putting out 20 more horses than the most powerful 450cc dirt bikes on the market. The Stark Varg can actually handle up to 100 different power and performance profiles, with power bands ranging from 125cc two-strokes to 650cc four-strokes. At the axle, the motor produces 203 pounds per foot of torque (275 Nm), which is multiplied to a mind-boggling 692 lb-ft (938 Nm) at the back wheel.

Stark has stated that they were able to build a motocross frame that is about 50% lighter than the competition by employing the motor as a structural component. Its strength attributes and flex characteristics are either kept the same or improved upon. The inertia generated by the electric carbon fiber sleeve motor is a fraction of that of a four-stroke or even two-stroke motorcycle. This results in a unique combination of agility, light weight, and maneuverability.

Take a look at the new Stark Varg electric dirt bike

As for the runtime, a 6 kWh battery is claimed to provide a 450cc 4-stroke dirt bike the same range as a full tank of gas. According to Stark Future, the Stark Varg electric dirt bike battery should suffice for “a full ‘moto’ at MXGP intensity or up to six hours of easy trail riding” and can fully charge in one to two hours.

To help with quick cooling, Stark built the battery casing so that every cell is positioned across the long axis of the bike and in touch with the battery case. Technically, the Stark Varg electric dirt bike can ride under water due to its IP69K waterproofing. Weighing at just 70.5 pounds (32kg), Stark Future claims their battery is one of the most energy dense on the market.

At a competitive price of $12,900, consumers can get the full-power Stark Varg or $11,900 for a somewhat less powerful variant. You can reserve an order for the Stark Varg electric dirt bike at their website with a deposit of $100 or through select participating dealerships.

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