The Sunreef 43M Eco Electric Catamaran Holds Infinite Range

Cruise on endlessly with the Sunreef 43M Eco electric catamaran

Polish shipyard Sunreef Yachts have revealed their revolutionary Sunreef 43M Eco electric catamaran that promises an unlimited amount of range. Sailers can cruise all day with peace of mind and without emitting any hazardous pollutants.

Labeled as the “true expression of sustainable yachting” and the “ultimate eco sailing catamaran”, the Sunreef 43M Eco electric catamaran is on the cutting edge of green technology. The 43-meter multihull is made up of composite and will include Sunreef’s proprietary photovoltaic technology that seamlessly integrates solar panels into its hull, superstructure, and rigging while clean energy is produced by the advanced hydro-generation system.

According to Sunreef Yachts, they claim that the setup can produce up to 50 kWp of sustainable energy to operate the essentials onboard. The Sunreef 43M Eco electric catamaran runs two 200 kW electric motors with a cruising speed of 11 knots and a top speed of 14 knots. The cat is also equipped with a set of high-performance sails that may capture additional wind power.

Some highlights onboard include eco-friendly features such as the electric catamaran’s “Ocean Lounge”, a light-filled interior built with ethically sourced woods, natural fabrics, and sustainable materials. With room for up to 12 guests, the lounge connects to the aft deck, swim platform, and foldable balconies into a space for relaxing waterside.

There’s even an addition of a bar, massage room, and workout area. Essentially this space may be tailored to the needs of each owner. Another eye-catching feature is the aft garage that is capable of storing an inflatable catamaran along with two tenders.

Sunreef Yachts have claimed that the Sunreef 43M Eco electric catamaran offers “the best emission-free cruising experience”. The Polish company recently launched their first 24M Eco sailing catamaran and delivered its flagship 100 Power catamaran, Shimali.

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