Sunreef Eco 100 Electric Catamaran Utilizes Both Solar and Wind Power

The Sunreef Eco 100 electric catamaran is the yard’s newest flagship

Sunreef Yachts have introduced their newest yacht, the Sunreef Eco 100 electric catamaran. Notably, its length measures 100 feet long and a twin-hulled structure. Its internal capacity significantly expands with the addition of a 42-foot 6-inch beam. As a result, it can match the amenities and onboard space of monohulls that are 20 feet lengthier.

The Sunreef Eco 100 electric catamaran’s propulsion is truly what makes it unique. The yacht is totally self-sufficient due to its twin 270 kW solar powered engines and sail power. The 2,600 square-foot solar panels are completely integrated into the composite elements of the yacht and produce 45.1 kWh. Sunreef refers to this element of the boat’s design as its “solar skin.”

“You don’t necessarily need to use fuel with this boat, the solar power and the wind can take you wherever you want to go,” says CEO and owner of Sunreef Yachts, Francis Lapp. “When you’re under sail, there is a hydrogeneration system that recharges your power, so you’re never at a loss.”

Sunreef Eco 100 Electric
Sunreef Yachts

The Eco 100 also features a full-beam main-deck master, and the boat can sleep 11 guests in addition to the crew. The open foredeck, the flybridge, and the aft cockpit are just a few of the exterior social spaces. Fast-charging ports located within twin garages in the yacht’s hulls allow for the quick recharging tenders. Additional features also include a gym, spa, multiple bars, and a Jacuzzi.

The Sunreef Eco 100 electric catamaran joins the Eco line’s 50, 60, 70, and 80 models. For more information on Sunreef’s newest flagship, check out the Sunreef Yachts site here.

Eco 100 Electric Catamaran
Sunreef Yachts

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