Carbon Fiber Tarform Raye Electric Jet Ski Takes Form Of A Manta Ray

The Tarform Raye electric jet ski is the cousin of the Luna motorcycle

Brooklyn based start-up Tarform has unveiled their upcoming second model, the Tarform Raye electric jet ski. As a follow up to their Luna electric motorcycle, the design of the Raye is inspired by ethereal water life and one of its most intelligent lifeforms, specifically the manta ray.

The Tarform Raye electric jet ski is a beauty to behold. Like the manta ray, its design features a wide creased nose and front lights that resemble the sea creature’s eyes. Natural, elegant curves embody the watercraft’s silhouette, and its immediate torque and acceleration up to a max speed of 50 mph allow it to swiftly cross the waters.

According to the start-up, there will be two Raye models available at launch: a 70 horsepower model with a one-hour riding duration and a 120 horsepower model with two-hours The watercraft will work with both Level 1 and Level 2 chargers, although charge time has not been confirmed.

Raye electric jet ski

Features from the Luna motorcycle’s will be adopted in the Tarform, including its circular digital display, built-in sensors, and AI. The Luna connects users to cloud services and provides driving data and maintenance diagnostics on a circular 3.4-in display with 4G connectivity, and so will the Raye.

The Tarform Raye electric jet ski will be available from Tarform with the option of selecting its composite bodywork made from either plants or recycled carbon fiber. A launch date has not yet been announced but Tarform estimates the Raye’s price to start at $68,000. If the Raye has caught your interest, sign up on the Tarform website for updates.


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