The 45 mph HPC Scout Pro Electric Bicycle is FAST!

The HPC Scout Pro Electric Bicycle hits a top speed of 45 miles per hour. Let us say that again: this electric bicycle tops out at 45 MPH. 

The Scout Pro can drive faster than some electric motorcycles! Currently, in the e-bike world, we have 3 Classes, class 3 bikes being the fastest, and reaching top speeds of 28 miles per hour. The HPC Scout Pro is in a whole new class of its own. 

The 45 mph HPC Scout Pro Electric Bicycle runs on the Bafang Ultra Max motor and offers multiple power options, going up to 3 kWh. In order to reach top speeds, you will need the 3kW option.  However, the HPC Scout Pro bike is technically street legal with a self-imposed governor on it. Though, it will take the most disciplined of us to keep that on. Remember, this is an electric bicycle

HPC Scout Pro Electric Bicycle

While their website says that this bike was designed for “hunters in mind” to be able to get far out in the backcountry, we wouldn’t recommend this bike for off-road and/or rocky terrain. The Scout Pro is a hardtail bike with front suspension. Wide tires provide some more on-road stability for small bumps and minor potholes. The 2019 Scout Pro is best suited for commuting and road trips. 

With the high speeds, HPC spared no expense in the brakes department, we are looking at four-piston Magura hydraulic disc brakes with 180mm rotors. These high-quality brakes are crucial for a bicycle wielding this much power. 

While we are slowing down here, let’s take a look at the price tag. Base models for this bike start at $6,995, or fully loaded at $13,000, and a 3-year warranty. A somewhat hefty price tag for an electric bicycle, but if you are feelin’ the need for speed, the 2019 HPC Scout Pro Electric Bicycle is just the ticket.

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