Great Scott! The DeLorean EVolved Sports Car Has Surfaced

Take a trip back to the future with the DeLorean EVolved sports car

After years of rumors, an all-electric DeLorean EVolved sports car has officially been confirmed by the DeLorean Motor Company. Almost four decades after the classic Back to the Future film from 1985, our dreams of an all-electric version of the DMC-12 are finally coming true.

The classic gull-winged DeLorean automobile is being recreated in Texas by a group of executives who most recently worked at Karma Automotive, a China-backed electric vehicle startup. They are in collaboration with British engineer Stephen Wynne, who acquired the rights to the DeLorean brand in 1995 and supplies parts and repairs for the remaining 6,000 units around the world.

Wynne began planning to reintroduce the DeLorean DMC in small batches in 1997, even though the original engine was no longer available. It was thought at the time that the future DeLorean DMC might use an electric powertrain. Now here we are with the DeLorean EVolved sports car…time sure has its ways.

Prior to Super Bowl Sunday, the official Twitter account for the DeLorean Motor Company tweeted out a 15-second teaser of the silhouette of the DeLorean EVolved sports car. The car in the video clip looks similar to Italdesign’s version of a modernized DMC-12, with the exception that the design firm‘s rendering featured the DMC badge on the car’s front grille. The DeLorean EVolved strikes a similarity in design, yet the badge isn’t visible. The focus of the teaser is on the V-shape of the gullwings, then the illumination of the V-shaped headlights.

According to LinkedIn, DeLorean Motor Company is now named DeLorean Motors Reimagined LLC, and the CEO is Joost de Vries who spent six years as VP of Sales at Karma Automotive. According to a statement from San Antonio’s development arm, the company will create a headquarters and an engineering firm in the city, with the potential to create 450 jobs.

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