The First Electric Fire Truck Costs $1.1 Million

Austria-based Rosenbauer, a fire and rescue trucks manufacture and one of the top makers of fire trucks in the world designed what appears to be the first electric fire truck that costs $1.1 million. Generally, firetrucks are powered by massive diesel engines that have lots of torque to be able to haul water and the water spraying equipment and tools. However, this Concept Fire Truck (CFT) is electrically powered and is, therefore, environmentally friendly, maneuverable and safe.

First Electric Fire Truck

According to Rosenbauer, the CFT is designed and developed for the fire departments of tomorrow and the Menlo Park Fire District in Silicon Valley California already has plans to on-board them before the end of 2021.

The truck will cost about $1.1 million plus which may sound like a lot, however, that’s on par with the cost of a “traditional tiller ladder truck.” Moreover, if you account for the savings of using electricity rather than diesel — in addition to the truck’s minimal maintenance requirements, fluids, filters, etc. — it will actually save the fire department money.

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